Courses Taught

As a Preceptor in the Harvard College Writing Program:

Expos 20: The Underworld
[Fall 2017- Spring 2020]

At Harvard Summer School:

Beginning Poetry Writing [Summer 2020]

As a Graduate Student at Harvard University:

Poets: Fundamentals of Lyric Poetry (Teaching Fellow)
[Instructor: Professor Peter Sacks]

Science Fiction (Teaching Fellow)
[Instructor: Professor Stephanie Burt]

Postwar American and British Fiction (Teaching Fellow)
[Instructor: Professor James Wood]

Poets: Ode, Elegy, Epigram, Fragment, Song (Teaching Fellow)
[Instructor: Professor Stephanie Burt]

At The University of Iowa:

Poetry Workshop (Two Semester-Length Courses as Primary Instructor)

Interpretation of Literature (Two Semester-Length Courses as Primary Instructor)


Working with Students:

Harvard Non-Resident Tutor, Currier House (2017-ongoing)

  • in charge of running a weekly Writing Table, as well
    as sending out a Poem of the Week

Harvard Resident Tutor, Currier House (2012-2017)

  • resident in Harvard dorm with a variety of duties (academic advising, study breaks, writing tutoring, fellowships advising, on-call duties, event staffing, etc.)

Harvard Sophomore Advising Coordinator, Currier House (2015-

  • in charge of sophomore advising program for all Currier sophomores (entails matching sophomores with advisers, overseeing program, running events, etc.)